“In two hours of takling with you Dr. Sawiak, we got more information, guidance and hope than from all the doctors, clinics, naturopaths, and healers we have seen in the last two years!” S.R.

“We have seen numberous physicians, naturopaths, therapists, and healer over the years. No one seems to have the WHOLISTIC overview and knowledge that Dr. Sawiak has.” M.E.H.

Dear Dr. Sawiak,
I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to you for everything you have done for me already! My health was on the brink of collapse because of the infected tooth and you caught it just in time. Thinking back I realize that this tooth has been “dead” since the 1980’s when a dentist suggested I get a root canal done. But it didn’t hurt or bother me at all so I ignored it. Then about 2 ½ years ago I started getting swelling and the infection began. I tried everything natural to get rid of it, but nothing obviously helped. The swelling would come and go. I started developing many of the symptoms that I described to you and nothing would help those problems either. I did not make the connection between the tooth and my other symptoms. I was exasperated as I knew that it is dangerous yet MY DOCTOR advised against the root canal and my dentist didn’t want to pull it so didn’t know what to do.
I truly believe that your expert knowledge, decisive and fast actions saved me. The fact that the facial rash has almost disappeared is visible and immediate proof of this!
Ви мій ангел хоронитель! Щиро, щиро і безмежно дякую! (Translation: You are my guardian angel! Sincerely, truly and limitlessly I thank you!)

LS Toronto

Natural therapies work. Just ask our clients.

“I called Dr. Sawiak because I was having a very severe panic attack. She came to my apartment, and with her gentle manner and a herbal supplement calmed me down within an hour, so that I was back to normal and no longer fearful and out of control. She suggested further treatment for my panic attacks which I will look into.”

O.G. Mississauga

I came to Dr. Sawiak in the spring of ’08 in the most dire condition. I was experiencing a failure of the muscles in my neck which led to the loss of most of the use of my arms. I was losing weight rapidly and my heartbeat was irregular. I felt ill and extraordinarily weak. I couldn’t even open the door to her office the day I arrived. It was too heavy.
Amazingly, I had been unable to get help from any doctors. I went to Sunnybrook hospital and they absurdly said they could not find nothing wrong with me and told me to do home and take a Tylenol. As a last ditch effort I went to a Naturopathic Clinic – the doctor there said he suspected I had a bacterial infection in my jaw. He referred me to Dr. Sawiak.
She performed a sonar (CAVITAT) scan of my jaw and confirmed that this was indeed the case – I had a serious bacterial infection in the cavities left behind by the removal of my wisdom teeth-this had gone undetected because I didn’t actually have pain in my jaw, but rather lower down in my neck. Dr Sawiak’s solution was to treat me with a series of oxygen therapies. I was very unsure at the time if this was going to cure me…but 8 months later I’m happy to say that I have made a spectacular recovery. Dr. Sawiak’s treatments along with an intensive supplement program have restored my health in the most remarkable way. I have full use of my arms back, I’ve regained the weight I lost and my heartbeat is back to normal. The explanation she provided me was that the bacteria had destroyed nerves to the muscles in my neck and jaw which led to the loss of use of my arms. Toxins from the bacteria had evidently gotten into my bloodstream and were literally starting to kill me.
It is no exaggeration to say that Dr. Sawiak and the team of people who worked on me saved my life. I had no idea about the seriousness of bacterial infections. It is the most lucky thing that I found this treatment. I am profoundly grateful to Dr. Sawiak for the treatment she provided.

John Pattison Toronto

I am a colleague and I can respect her dedication and knowledge of what’s out there. If I were you,ladies and gents, I would listen to what she has to say.

I went to Dr Sawiak for 13 years and was very sorry when she retired. She is an excellent dentist with very high standards. If I ever had a question about any treatment she was proposing she would give me an answer that would represent more than one way of approaching a solution. She would even refer me to websites on a given topic to help me form my own opinions (which is what I like to do). In the end, I learned to absolutely trust the advice of Dr Sawiak as I was never disappointed with her work. In times when I did not take her advice her predicted outcomes were always correct. After trying two reccommended dentists (from friends) I still have not found a dentist to replace her. She is the consumate professional and she is extremely knowledgable in her profession.

Dr. Sawiak is a well known retired dentist turned wellness coach. If you’re looking for advice and contacts/referrals in GTA, she’s the one you want to see.

I came here again for another ozone injection after my jaw cavitation surgery. Ozone therapy is great for treating infections and preventing reinfection of the jaw bone after surgery. She has also had success treating jaw cavitations this way without surgery, but I needed the infected teeth out so in some cases surgery is the only way to go.

Besides ozone therapy, she also has a light/sound rife machine (for those who are electrosensitive), supplements, detox remedies, muscle testing, live blood cell testing, and many other treatment tools to help people restore their health. She is also the only practitioner in Ontario that I know of who has a cavitat machine (to detect jaw cavitations).

She is very resourceful, and is well respected by all the best practitioners in Toronto area (especially those who are open to natural/energy medicine who actually heal people). As well she knows all the best dental surgeons in the states who are able to do jaw cavitation surgery. Totally recommended for anyone who is interested in improving their health!

Josephine C. Markham, ON

Please accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful oral restoration and periodontal work performed on my behalf by you and your dedicated staff. Since choosing to undergo what I consider fairly intensive corrective wholistic dentistry treatment from September through December 2006, as a person successfully managing the chronic symptoms of fibromyalgia for 10 years. I have benefited greatly by achieving a higher level of oral health, as well as higher energy levels in general. Marlene Kennedy

Since 1991 I have been a patient of Dr Oksana Sawiak. She is responsible for my excellent dental health I enjoy today. Over these past 16 years each time I required a filling, a crown, root canals, wisdom teeth removed, gum grafting and, more recently, an appliance to fix my bite, Dr Sawiak explained the various procedures available to remedy the problem and I made my own choices on what would be done. Although it was clear where Dr Sawiak stood on her opinion of what would be best for me, never did I feel there was a lack of good information for me to form my own opinion on what I would like to do. If I wanted more information,
Dr Sawiak would tell me where I could read more on a particular subject. If I made a decision to opt for a procedure she didn’t agree with she would refer me to another dentist. Dr Sawiak always shows respect for me as her patient and is always focused on doing what is best for me. She would even follow up with me on her personal time to ensure I was alright.

Carmen Wilson

Success is measured by a willingness to provide services that address the patient’s health needs, while accommodating individual preferences and requirements. To this end, I must say my experience with Dr Sawiak has been an absolute success. Frankly, this is the way patients deserve to be treated – with care, concern and honest discussion of treatment alternatives; thereby ensuring we receive the treatement that is best suited to our particular needs. Jim S. Etobicoke, ON

I have been a regular visitor to Dr Sawiak’s Integrative Clinic. With her rich knowledge in the wellness area, I have seen a steady improvement in my health. E.F. Toronto, ON

…your vast knowledge and contacts helped me decide to use a practitioner who is more compatible to what I require.. C.R. Mississauga, ON

I did one 1/2 hour session with the Ion Cleanse Foot Bath and experienced the complete disappearance of my tinnitus for a 9 hour period of time. It returned, but at a much reduced sound level, and continues to disappear for long periods at a time.
Truly Awesome

David F. Fox

August 2013 I was scheduled to do carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. Dr. Sawiak, who I was seeing for another matter suggested that I try her Ozone treatment. Instead of going to the surgery for the Thursday morning, I went and had the first ozone treatment. Eight months later, no surgery and I have not had any pain in my wrists, arm, elbow or fingers after being treated by Dr. Sawiak. I used to have to sleep with a custom brace. I do not use it any more at all. I would recommend anyone that have carpel tunnel to try the Ozone treatment from Dr. Sawiak. Donnie McLean

I have been using the Lumen pads for one week following my “cancer staging tests” which included a bone scan and x-rays, lots of radiation. I was feeling the overload of those tests and all of the ills of breast cancer, with fatigue and inflammation and flu like symptoms. Day one I used the pads three times with no obvious improvement but I had also travelled 6 hours and was in the hospital radiology department for 5 hours the day before. Day two I felt that with 3 treatments there was less pain and I felt that my thinking was clearer. Day three, again with 3 treatments, I no longer felt fatigued and the inflammation and flu like symptoms were much less and by day four and five, again three treatments, I was without pain for the first time in almost a year. I did continue the treatments for one week. I feel that it has given me the treatment that I needed from the load of radiation damage that I received from my “cancer staging tests”.

I strongly recommend the LUMEN pads for treatment for anyone with cancer symptoms, inflammation of any kind and especially following a heavy load of radiation.

Thank you Dr. Sawiak for your expert care in providing these treatments.

Phyllis Enns