Our immune system protects our body from illness, infection, and disease. It defends our bodies from harmful invaders like bacteria, viruses, microbes, free radicals and parasites.

What causes our immune system to break down? Unhealthy habits increase the number of harmful chemical compounds our body takes in. These compounds, known as free radicals, are present in abundance in processed foods and alcohol. Free radicals also enter the body when we breathe in cigarette smoke, mercury from amalgam fillings in your mouth, paint fumes, exhaust fumes, and other gasses and pollutants in the air. And, let’s not forget that stress will also weaken our immune system.

So, how can you prevent weakening your immune system? Eat healthy on a regular basis, drink alcohol sparingly, avoid the harmful compounds mentioned above, abstain from smoking and recreational drugs, and learn healthy ways to deal with stress. 

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