Osteoporosis Experience

By Dr. Oksana Sawiak, DDS, IMD, MAGD, AIAOMT

In April of this year, I experienced a strong stabbing pain in my back. I was not able to lie down, sit down, twist my body, nor sleep. Determined to find some form of relief from this pain, I found a zero-gravity lawn chair which turned out to be my saving grace for sleep.

Later, an X-ray showed that I had a few compression fractures in my Spine!

Where did that come from? “I asked”.  “I know I am a senior, but I eat properly, I take my supplements”.

In searching for a cause I found out that the blood pressure medication I was taking [a Calcium Channel Blocker] was proven by studies to cause osteoporosis. It was a shock, and needless to say, getting off the blood pressure medication became a burning priority for me.

Now, a concern for the safety of others led me to thinking; how many seniors do not know the side effects from this blood pressure medication? How many blindly accept the physician’s further prescription for osteoporosis drugs [Bisphosphonates]? This drug kills the osteoclasts (which remove dead bone, so you can renew and heal) and creates a “backlog of dense, brittle, dead bone” rather than creating “vital flexible vibrant bone” that is resistant to fractures.

Every pharmaceutical drug has side effects.

Some of my clients come to me with a list of eight (8) drugs they take for their various ills, and 10 drugs to counteract the side effects of the first eight (8), something has to give.

Instead of killing our osteoclasts with drugs, let’s talk about preventing osteoporosis with the right kind of exercise, proper supplements, and nutrition.

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