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We Heal Lives – Naturally – Non-invasively

We provide insight to health issues and mystery syndromes

using natural non-invasive, non-surgical, methods.

Dr. Oksana Sawiak

Dr. Oksana Sawiak


The Health Detective

In 1989 Dr. Sawiak was the first woman in the world to achieve Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD).

Mission Statement

  • To treat clients as unique individuals and truly hear their concerns.
  • To encourage and inspire clients to own and control their own wellness.
  • To be a source of scientifically-based holistic health information.
  • To deliver a high level of non-judgmental wellness consulting.

Dr. Sawiak, with her experience as a biological dentist and vast knowledge of toxicology, integrative medicine, and non-invasive healing modalities, gives you insight into what she calls “Mystery Syndromes”. She helps you to uncover possible underlying factors in chronic illness.

We identify the cause of your health issue and then help you eliminate it, whether it is medical, dental, structural, environmental or emotional.

Dr. Sawiak has a unique tool “the Cavitat” which is the only one in Canada and it can find hidden infections not shown on x-rays.

Don’t mask symptoms with Drugs or Surgery.

Find the cause and reclaim vibrant health with NATURAL NON-INVASIVE methods.

  • Are you on pain pills because you cannot get rid of your pain?
  • Is fatigue, brain fog, poor memory or dizziness preventing you from doing all you want?
  • Have you been told you need surgery for carpal tunnel?
  • Is your thyroid starving?
  • Are you suffering from headaches or sinus problems?
  • Do you crave sweets, alcohol, carbs?
  • Do you struggle with weight issues?

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Dr. Sawiak is highly experienced with many years of biologic dentistry. Her methods of patient evaluation and treatment coupled with her experience, studies and research, enable her to provide her patients with a knowledgeable plan for improved health and well-being.

Dr. Peter S. Evans, MS, DDS, MAGD has given a 5 out of 5 star rating